VRMS Legacy Builders Club

Legacy Builders Program

Sponsor: Octavia Sutherland

Contact: octavia.sutherland@carrollcountyschools.com

Villa Rica Middle School (VRMS) is proud to offer the Legacy Builders Program (LBP), a young men mentorship program. VRMS has partnered with 4 A Legacy (a not-for-profit organization) to bring a mentorship program for boys. This program is designed to bring the absolute best out of our young men, help them to find and identify their purpose, and assist them with leaving a positive legacy for generations.  Beginning December 10th, the young men will spend one hour a week being mentored by positive men from the community. These mentors will spend quality time getting to know the young men, build trusting relationships, as well as provide motivation, emotional support and role modeling.  The mentors will share life skills, their experiences, knowledge and expertise, while helping the mentee identify and set positive goals.