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Semi-Formal Permission Slips Now Available
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Monday, April 17, 2017
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Semi-Formal Permission Slips Now Available

Semi-formal is on Friday, May 12th from 6-9.  Permission forms and monies must be turned in by Friday,May 5th in order to attend. No refunds after Friday, May 5th.

Please read the document and understand there are rules for this dance. These rules have been announced multiple times throughout the school year.  Monies will be taken up for two weeks.  The early bird special is $12 for the first week and then it goes up to $15 for the second week.  ABSOLUTELY NO MONIES WILL BE TAKEN UP AFTER THE DEADLINE.  A copy of the final permission form will also be posted on the school website by Friday, April 21st so that you may print it off from home if your child loses their sheet. 

Pictures are also available by a professional photographer at the dance.  These are always super cute and a great memory for you and your student.  Pricing for the pictures is located on the permission form.  Please have your child bring their money with them. 

Parents are not allowed in this dance.  Please refrain from coming into the school building unless of an emergency.  If you must pick your child up before the end of the dance, please notify a teacher working the dance and they will find your child for you.

Dress code: Do understand this is a middle school semi-formal, not a prom.  If your child chooses to wear a prom type dress, it will still have to be within dance dress code.  Students not within dress code will be sent home with no refund. 


This is a semi-formal dance.  Students who show up in “street clothes” will not be allowed to enter. “Street clothes” includes jeans (no sagging pants), tennis shoes, tshirts, or any other type of clothing students would normally wear on a day to day basis. 

Girls:  Please dress age appropriate.  No plunging necklines, showing too much cleavage, or too short dresses. Also, dresses that show midriff are NOT allowed.  Remember you will be dancing, so do a mirror check to make sure you will not expose anything.  If you are unsure whether your dress is appropriate, you can take a picture of you in it and show Ms. Mayfield or Mrs. Jackson.  

Boys: Dress khakis or dress slacks and a button down shirt with a tie.

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