Allen, Justin Assistant Principal
Jackson, Greta Principal

Allen, Wanda 8th grade Social Studies and English Language Arts
Alvarez, Denise 6th grade Science
Crane, Bryan 8th grade Social Studies
Ellis, Candice 7th grade English Language Arts
Flowers, Roxianne 8th Grade SPED
Foster, Michelle ELA and Social Studies
Fulks, Suzette 7th and 8th grade Math
Graybill, Mike 6th Grade Science / Math
Green, Zerick 7th grade Special Education
Hanner, Charity 6th Grade Math
Harling, Deni Chorus Director
Hudson, Marie ISS
Jeter, Richard STEM Connections
Johnston, Colleen 7th Grade Social Studies
Jones, Dorothy 7th and 8th grade Science
Kelly-Turner, Rose Math Connections
Kirkland, Africa 6th Grade Social Studies
Lane, Pam 6th Grade Special Education
Little, Angela 7th and 8th grade Science
Lyle, Rachel 8th grade Math
Mullis, Amber 7th grade English Language Arts
Pace, Holly In-School Coordinator for Special Education Services for VRMS
Parson, Aubrey 6th grade English Language Arts
Payne, Jerilyn 8th grade Math
Roberson, Edwin 7th Grade Math
Stassie, Jill Business Ed. and Computer Science
Travis, Tiffany 8th grade English Language Arts
Watson, Lisa 7th grade Science
Weathers, William Physical Education-Head Football Coach, Head Baseball Coach
Wiggins, Leann Social Studies/Georgia Studies
Worley, Brandon Band Director

Hudson, Marie ISS
Jeter, Audrey Administration Assistant
Jones, Lisa Parapro
Martin, Monique Counselor
Mayfield, Layla Media Specialist
Morris, Leanna Bookkeeper
Watson, Sylvia Parapro